This space honors animal, plant, and stone medicine.

All life is sacred.

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120 Cards!

The animal spirits bring messages to awakening Earth Keepers.

This is a tool to grow intuition and strengthen mediumship.

For beginners and advanced mediums.


as the crow flies

Go higher and see things from another viewpoint.

Readings assist in objectively seeing the past and present energies to create more awareness of potential outcomes.

Get your personal reading with the Vital Native Animal Medicine Oracle over a video call.

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Connect with your spirit guides through the use of this oracle.

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Spiraling Thoughts; Weaving Existence with Spider

If you have had feelings that you are fated to have what you have no matter what, feeling trapped and bound to the web of destiny, then you are about to realize that you are merely entangled in an illusion that might take some time to unravel. Just know, you do have...

Mirrors, Reflections, and Synchronicity. Oh my!

The other day, I saw a mockingbird go back and forth between the window and the mirror of my vehicle, peering in and tapping the glass. It was a relentless repetition. But not hyper-aggressive as some birds can act generally. What made this instance especially...

Seeing the Good with The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun card represents: harmony, joy, goodness, unconditional love, energy, brightness, satisfaction, assurance, success, vitality, youth, being guided by the light, warmth and positivity, creative power, gifts, and heartfelt happiness. The Sun card pictured in the...