The Sun card represents:

harmony, joy, goodness, unconditional love, energy, brightness, satisfaction, assurance, success, vitality, youth, being guided by the light, warmth and positivity, creative power, gifts, and heartfelt happiness.

The Sun card pictured in the image of this article is Betty White as Rose in The Golden Girls Tarot Cards. The Sun Card also is associated with the zodiac sign Leo.



The Sun shines its glory continuously. We enjoy its light and all it gives unconditionally to our solar system. The Sun is a continuous provider, a guardian, and brings energy in the dark void. Let’s make time to honor our Sun and the marvelous gifts it bestows to us. The Sun is love and goodness.

Love and goodness are analogous to that perfectly designed chair that supports us while we sit comfortably able to concentrate on other matters. In fact, it becomes pretty much invisible to us even though somewhere in the back of our minds, we know it is there. Unlike a hard and uncomfortable chair that gets our attention because the pain and discomfort constantly interrupt our flow to function with ease. When the design of something functions so well, it is something that we don’t have to think or worry about. Without taking time to intentionally be grateful for all that is working well and gifting us, our thoughts are constantly being drawn to what is not working well. The Sun card signifies there are no worries or discomforts regarding an aspect of someone’s life.

However, good people in our lives are often taken for granted or looked over for the very same reason the Sun is. I am talking about people who don’t cause conflict, are generous, show up on time, will cheer and lift you up, see the positive and share it with you, are willing to teach you and show you things, have a strong work ethic, give hugs, have a pleasing demeanor, are forgiving, never complain or act petty, and are in general very easy to be around. Those people can often be overlooked until one day they disappear and aren’t doing all those wonderful things in the background anymore. Life is more difficult, glum, and boring without them.

If there is someone in your life that provides goodness, light, and love to you, take time to appreciate them today. Thank them. Even give thanks to your unseen benefactors such as angels and guardians even if they are unknown to you at this very moment.

Awesome people appear not to need anything. What could the Sun possibly lack? It doesn’t lack but it deserves to have its existence recognized. It deserves attention and love in return. When someone gives a gift and it is not recognized, the inspiration to give wanes. Let those who give you joy know they give you joy. Express your love today if you want more of it.

Vote for what you want more of in your life with your praise. Bring all that you are grateful for to the forefront of your consciousness whenever you can. In doing this, the sun doesn’t just shine on you, it shines through your heart.

When the Sun card shows up, it can represent the consciousness of your glory, light, goodness, happy state, freedom, energy, value, or gifts. It is a state of really owning that connection to Source in your heart. It is the attitude of gratitude in being who you are and allowing it to shine outward for all to see and know without concern. It is a light so bright that it can not be covered up or hidden from others.