The other day, I saw a mockingbird go back and forth between the window and the mirror of my vehicle, peering in and tapping the glass. It was a relentless repetition. But not hyper-aggressive as some birds can act generally. What made this instance especially meaningful to me was that I mentioned witnessing this to my father just moments ago, and his eyes lit up as he described seeing the same thing with his vehicle.  

He saw a mockingbird perform the same movements, in the same way, in the same pattern, on the same day; jumping from the hood to the top of the mirror, to the driver window, back to the mirror, to the hood. He stood there mesmerized just like I had and wondering whether there was something inside the vehicle that the bird wanted or if the bird was confused by its reflection. 

Mirrors upon mirrors of reflection. When we stop to observe and think about how others act, we have information that aids us in contemplating our behavior to see ourselves better. And if we are brave enough to share, we see even more reflections and synchronicities by which another layer of awareness enlightens us. This participation is the process of how Animal Medicine becomes understood. The Northern Mockingbird inspired the first article of this blog to share these kinds of observations.

My father and I were going about our day busy with other activities when we were stopped in our tracks to observe the behavior of the Northern Mockingbird. Albert Einstein once said there is no such thing as a coincidence and that God doesn’t play dice with the universe. I have often found these words echoing like a mantra in my head whenever I encounter this kind of phenomenon.

Synchronicity is the way Spirit remains anonymous. It is a way of communicating without entirely revealing itself yet singling out something. Guidance is around you waiting for you to pay attention. It is specific to you but it is free will whether you give it any consideration. 

Einstein also once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The mockingbird was stuck in a loop of illusion not realizing it was opposing itself. For me, the mockingbird was showing me that I had to stop the cycle I was in, put down my 3D chores, and get back to my spiritual work. My father works relentlessly and I saw myself mirrored in him. We imitate our parents often on a subconscious level. The mocking bird imitates many sounds in its surrounding environment. 

Do you allow for the possibility of divine interference or guidance in your Earth Walk? We all have a soul destiny and a higher self. 

On this winter solstice 2021, permit yourself to receive any solar activations, initiations, healings, and insights that are available to you for your highest good, and the highest good of all beings.