Animal Messengers

Animal messages pertain to animal appearances alongside circumstances and energies in your life to guide you.

The recognition of this guidance, following it, and understanding how it improves your life is Animal Medicine.

Animal Medicine is the assistance that connects us to what we need on a soul level.

Walk in Balance.

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When You Are Called

The higher spirits of animals show up for us in various ways presenting messages for spiritual evolution.

Animals crossing your path and appearing in dreams, images, or sculptures are all ways that call for reflection.

Feather Tooth Shell


Physical artifacts such as feathers, teeth, and bones are all ways in which higher spirits bring gifts of insight.

Awareness of the synchronicities of events in your life and recognizing animal impressions lead you to a deeper understanding of Animal Medicine.

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How Animals Appear as Messengers

Emotional Responses to Animal Messages

Stay tuned for the release of the Animal Medicine Oracle.

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Vital Native Animal Medicine oracle contains 120 cards. This is a tool to grow intuition and mediumship and bring awareness to awakening Earth Keepers.

There is something in this oracle to see about yourself and others, to accept, love, learn, and retain. Go higher and see things from another viewpoint. Connect with your spirit guides through the use of this oracle.

This deck is in production. Thank you.

You can receive a reading using the Vital Native Animal Medicine Oracle now.