When you notice certain animals in nature, whether they cross your path randomly, view them through windows or transportation, and you feel it is unusual, emphasized, and unique in some way. Perhaps the animal has distinctive markings or color or is watching you. You may find animal fossils such as feathers, teeth, bones, shells, etc. If the animal darts across your path, then consider that there is more of a reason for it to appear in your life than mere coincidence.


When animals call or make other sounds that demand your attention, whether outdoors or in recordings, especially if these sounds echo in your mind, interrupt what you are doing, or are repeated for the day, week, or month. If these sounds distract, impede an activity, make you think thoughts, feel emotions, or bring up memories, then you should consider it a message.


If you are going about your business but hear the repeated mention of specific animals in conversations, notice themes and images of an animal throughout a time in different places you go, then consider leaning into its friendship and ask for more awareness. These breadcrumbs lead you to sacred paths. See if these instances point to trends, habits, relationships, jobs, or routines in your life.


Suppose you discover that you are interested in learning about a specific animal, obsessing over an animal, taking care of certain animals, collecting or studying artifacts, collecting images or miniatures, or forming a relationship with animal characters. In that case, it’s time to realize what that animal relationship is doing for you on a deeper level.


Animals appear to us in dreams. Sometimes these interactions in dreams can be scary if the animal is stalking or attaching us. In most experiences like this, the guides do the most to get your attention upon waking. If you don’t often remember your dreams, you will likely be unable to forget an uncomfortable one. Pay more attention to your night visions. Many guided messages are trying to get through to you this way.


Many have experienced this memory phenomenon called deja vu. In a deja vu experience, it feels like the present has already happened, as though you lived out a part of the future in a past dream. Suppose you get a feeling of having already experienced the present situation, and it involves animals in some way. In that case, it points to a pivotal moment when an animal guide aided in returning a piece of you that was missing or may symbolize an aspect of you being returned. This soul retrieval resolved a conflict that the brain felt consciously.


Using an oracle deck that contains animals, one can call upon animal guidance through the cards by holding that intention and asking for information to come out of the deck during shuffling. Cards can slip out of the deck or be selected.


Through meditative reflection, drum journey, or guided meditation, call on your animal spirit guides to appear to you. Keep your mind neutral with no bias and release any expectation of outcomes. This way of communing is difficult for most people and requires practice.